End Grain Cutting Boards

A quick post just to illustrate how to build some end grain cutting boards.  For the uninitiated, end grain involves what would be the end of the board, stacked in pieces facing upwards.  The grain will split partially when a knife interacts with the surface, and then self heal.  This is better for the board, and better for the knife.

This build log isn’t the most complete.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I cut a large number of strips of walnut and maple.

These strips were glued and clamped together, and run through the planer a few times to give a nice flat surface.  Each of these long boards ended up making one final butcher block.

Planed pieces were cut at approximately 1.25″. flipped on their ends, glued, and clamped together.  These were the, again, run through the planer.  Note the sacrificial poplar to prevent tear out at the edge of the board.

The edges were trimmed.  Here’s a couple after a significant amount of sanding.  The planer leaves some scuffs, so it takes a lot of sanding to get out.

Heres the batch after mineral oil.  I’m still experimenting with finishes.  The wood whisperer actually recommends salad bowl finish.  I may try that too.