[Pre-existing design] Statement II Build

An absolutely colossal set of speakers, designed by the guys over at speakerdesignworks.com

Here’s my build log.  They sound fantastic.

Cut up some sheets of baltic birch, the 9 ply stuff is what you want here, nice and dense.

Then glued together the center tunnels.

Attempted to glue together the whole box, then realized it was 20 degrees, and too cold for the glue to set…

So the glue-up was done indoors.

Next was routing the front baffles.

And chamfering the rear of them.  Prevents the speakers from being constrained.

Clamped on (not yet glued), and routed to a perfect fit, with a little underlap to allow for veneer.

Rear port holes for the tunnels, and a port for the vent of the main enclosure.

A nice oak veneer.

Minwax stain, gunstock.  It barely took.  Don’t bother with the stuff on oak veneer.

General Finishes Gel Stain, taken up very well.  Looks good too.

Covered some Owens Cornering fiberglass with speaker fabric to stop it being expulsed out of the rear ports.  Apparently its the stuff you want for these purposes.

Made some crossovers, per the design.  My best soldering to this point, which still has a long way to go.

Closed up, threw the speakers in there, and good to go.  They’re a solid 100lbs each, and really sound quite lovely.

Better finishing work will be necessitated in the future, along with a curved cabinet.  But thats for another time.